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AFEX Control Unit

Our Control Unit combines micro-processor technology with AFEX durability for the ultimate fire suppression system control and performance. To ensure your machine is protected in the event of a fire, audible and visual signals alert the operator to any problem or alarm conditions.

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A725000 Circuit Monitoring Panel

AFEX has responded to the increasing need for Automatic Fire Protection Systems. We have avoided inappropriate technologies such as microprocessors and, instead brought to the industry a solid state design that can withstand the most abusive environments.

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AFEX Mining, Forestry and Rail Systems

The AFEX system is purpose built to withstand the everyday abuse present in the mining industry. AFEX systems are commonly installed on wheel loaders, dozers, and excavators. Our 125 lb. tanks and dual agent (dry and wet chemical) systems are perfect for larger machines such as haul trucks and hydraulic shovels.

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